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BBC1 The One Show Kite Power Solutions

Mittleres Niveau

1)  The system might be very useful in countries that have ________, like Japan.

  • settlements that don't have electricity
  • deeper waters straight off the coast
  • no ocean nearby
  • wind turbines already in place

2)  What is one concern the scientists must consider?

  • The kites can't fly higher than 300 meters.
  • The kites are very expensive to produce.
  • The environmental impact, in particular the effect on birds.
  • The possibility that the kites could block out sunlight.

3)  The guys have to fly the kite at a height of 300 meters ______________.

  • because they are flying them over the ocean
  • in order to comply with air traffic control regulations
  • because the kites can't fly any higher
  • because the sensors cease to function otherwise

4)  What is the greatest challenge of the system?

  • The kites can't be manufactured quickly enough.
  • Problems may emerge as they increase its scale.
  • It's difficult to recruit investors.
  • It's difficult to convince local governments to allow the kites.