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Outstanding dairy farm sustainability Sensenig Dairy

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1)  "To put down roots" means...

  • To contribute to a community.
  • To settle somewhere, become established.
  • To buy a house somewhere.

2)  In order to create electricity, manure is required along with...

  • food waste.
  • fertilizer.
  • water.
  • paper.

3)  What is NOT a reason that the anaerobic digester is good for the environment?

  • The food waste goes into the digester rather than into a landfill.
  • The manure doesn't have to be transported by truck to another location.
  • It creates methane gas.

4)  How many cows does Sensenig Dairy Farm have?

  • Six.
  • One hundred and forty.
  • One hundred.
  • One thousand.